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Co-authored by Alisha Brosse, Ph.D. If you are one of the millions who cannot sleep, this information is for you. Countless
We psychiatrists are amazed to learn that people think we're telepathic, or that we're psychologists, or that we can go out for coffee, or gossip about you. To set the record straight here are ten tips.
Everyone knows that lack of sleep can affect your brain in a negative way. A good night's sleep is essential to improving memory, learning, and mental health. However, recent studies have discovered that insomnia has been linked to white matter abnormalities.
If you're suffering from anxiety, the most unhelpful piece of advice anyone could ever give you (especially if you have OCD too) is "just don't think about it" or "think about something else." Wouldn't it be amazing if it were that easy?
The next time you notice a bad body image thought sprouting up, see if you can pull that mental weed and plant a new seed. One of kindness, compassion, acceptance, and dare I say, love.
Part social media platform, part cognitive behavioral therapy tool, Koko is an app that allows people to post their deepest anxieties and fears to a network of anonymous peers. These peers then respond to the posts in an exercise known as cognitive reframing.
New research suggests a surprising long-term treatment for seasonal affective disorder.
How is my mood throughout the week (not just at the end of sessions)? Is it at least gradually improving (albeit with ups
Until they come up with an operation that can undo the hyperconnectivity between my auditory and limbic systems (not holding my breath), I'll just have to rely on my old stand bys--passive aggression and headphones--but with the newfound conviction that I'm an innocent victim of a seemingly hopeless condition and not just a nightmare girl snapping at you to keep it the f down.
Therapists use this powerful strategy to challenge self-destructive beliefs.
"Mediocre." "Procrastinator." "Wavering." This is how my friend described herself -- and I was stunned. She is, in fact, successful
I would advise potential clients, friends, or family members to find a therapist who "gets" them, has the expertise to help them reduce their suffering as soon as possible, and teaches them skills to stay better.
Insight is an important part of cognitive therapy -- but rarely sufficient to bring about lasting change. Read more from
As an example, a patient might react to a high blood glucose reading by thinking, "This is horrible! I'll never get my diabetes
Gregg Jacobs is an insomnia specialist at the Sleep Disorders Center at the UMass Memorial Medical Center and the author of Say Good Night to Insomnia. In answer to my questions, he shared his insights on how human sleep patterns have changed over time, healthier and more effective alternatives to sleeping pills, and how to reverse our worst sleep habits and behaviors.
Treatments that work well for most don't work well for all. And even effective treatments have side effects and complications. This is true of medication and surgery- and it is also true of psychotherapy.
Writing is the key to freedom for me and the gift that allows me to reach inside and bring parts of me into the light that would otherwise remain shrouded. In this first week of the final month of another calendar year, I look ahead ask myself: Will writing take me to places I've never been?