As a Yankees fan, I have admired your work on the field. You are a gifted athlete. However, I have to say that I don't think I've ever been in more awe of you as a man than the day you released your public statement of your impending treatment for alcohol abuse.
Whatever comes out, whatever CC has been battling and whatever happened to get him to where he is now, instead of pitching for the Yankees in the playoffs, he just taught my son a few valuable lessons in a way that he understands.
When you belittle Sabathia himself, safe in the anonymity that the Internet provides, you are truly exposing yourself as a disrespectful coward, hating on someone in the midst of making the toughest decision of their life.
El manager general de la organización, Brian Cashman, se dijo sorprendido por la decisión que el "pitcher" le comunicó vía
The Yankees pitcher will not participate in the playoffs.