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Activists CeCe McDonald and Joshua Allen join HuffPost's Alex Berg to discuss their ‪#‎BlackExcellenceTour‬, LGBTQ rights and racial justice.
In the course of a day, nearly all LGBTQIA people in this country must be aware that their identity and even their sole existence may endanger their personal safety.
No one can deny black men's vulnerability in this society and the recent killings of Walter Scott and Eric Harris are painful reminders, but the fact is black women suffer the same injustices. Silence in mainstream and black America is the only reason why it isn't widely acknowledged.
Activist and formerly incarcerated transgender woman CeCe McDonald has firsthand experience with the injustices of the criminal
Transgender activist CeCe McDonald joins HuffPost Live to discuss what it was like to be in a men's prison.
After the fight was over, I was bleeding and am literally staggering to a safe place to call the police. As I’m walking, they’re
McDonald, a transgender woman of color who was incarcerated in a men's prison until being released early on Jan. 13, was
Transgender actress and activist Laverne Cox has frequently spoken out about the case of CeCe McDonald, a transgender woman
McDonald is slated to be released at some point next week. At this time there is no further information about her early release
Transgender actress and "Orange Is The New Black" breakout star Laverne Cox is currently co-producing an important and compelling
Ironically, in the same way that trickle-down economics did not correct high levels of unemployment during the 1970s, we see how trickle-down civil rights do not function to expand the rights of the most marginalized.
Transgender Day of Remembrance is the day when we memorialize those we've lost to anti-trans violence, but CeCe's story reminds me that many amongst us are survivors of anti-trans violence. We must remember our survivors, too.
Leslie Feinberg stood up for native people so many years ago and showed me solidarity. I am writing today to ask you to show solidarity with CeCe McDonald and to pay attention to her trial.
I will never be silent just because the topic of gender identity and race are uncomfortable. CeCe McDonald, Paige Clay, and other trans women of color are human beings first, and when we turn a blind eye to injustice, we close our hearts and minds on ourselves.
Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon is among those to defend McDonald, saying she was targeted for her race and gender
Jenna's victory against discrimination in the Miss Universe pageant will be for naught if we don't use it to shine a light on the struggles that have yet to be won for trans people around the world.