The son of Cecil the Lion has also been killed by trophy hunters.
Perhaps Aryanna would no longer see a giraffe or zebra as something to selfishly covet, dead, on display in her home. Perhaps she would desire a world with wild animals safe and free. Perhaps she would realize that she could enjoy nature while still shooting bullets and arrows at inanimate targets, just as the archers and shooters do in the Olympics.
We're on the way to a world that's better for lions, but there's still a lot of work to do.
After decades of poaching and trophy hunting, elephants like Satao and the recently killed tusker are fewer and fewer. Is this conservation? Is it sustainable?
 MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota dentist whose killing of Cecil the lion sparked a global backlash emerged for an interview
Taking selfies, quack medical cures and collecting ornaments are all more important than protecting animals. A mounted head or showing off your wealth is apparently more valuable than a species threatened with extinction.
It used to be that people talked about romantic love and there are all kinds of stories of star crossed lovers in the Romeo and Juliet or Tristan and Isolde vein who either overcame or succumbed to enormous obstacles. In some third world countries with repressive cultures like Afghanistan this story is still being told.
He has been accused of letting an American tourist illegally hunt and kill Cecil.
We saw news anchors crying bitter tears, people shaking with rage, and pure and unadulterated hatred spewing across posted
Lions also have predators -- the most dangerous of them all is man. Cecil never attacked the dentist who ultimately ended his life. It was not basic survival for the hunter to kill or be killed. Cecil was shot by an arrow and suffered for 40 hours before finally dying. This is cruelty.
He says the charges against him are "frivolous."
No matter the motivation surrounding the hunt we do know this: Cecil the Lion is dead and the internet is freaking out about it. I am particularly interested in the question of why we are spending so much time focusing on one hunt, one animal, one hunter, and one death.
The death of Cecil brought hunting into acute focus for many folks that rarely give more than a passing thought to hunters or hunting until someone with gun pulls a bonehead move. And now hunting is reexamined as proper modern human behavior in the court of public opinion.
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