cecile kyenge

Italy has long been a country of emigrants rather than a destination for immigrants. One would expect that the plight of generations past and 30 years of political debate would have produced model laws and a concrete approach to immigration.
I do appreciate the love and the consideration that Mr. De Blasio has toward his Italian heritage, but he is the Mayor of New York, a place where his own family arrived to pursue the American Dream. I expect that he will conduct himself with respect for the rules of the place where American Dreams are possible. Nothing less.
Some European states are still not willing to see the writing on the wall. A change in mentality is happening very slowly at the expense of people such as Minister Kyenge. She is actively involved in Italy's progress and preparation for future challenges that will include migration to the country.
Kyenge "remains open to dialogue and confrontation, as long as the right conditions exist for it," her office said. This
Ahmed brings us the news of a spectator who threw bananas at Italy's first black minister during a speech.
"Immigration kills," was written on leaflets accompanying the dummies - a slogan Forza Nuova has previously used when referring
Italy is becoming a country numbed by a passive state of mind; a monolithic approach to issues of race that prevents any possibility for cross-cultural growth.
A senior parliamentarian in the anti-immigration Northern League party has likened Italy's first black minister to an orangutan.
While Italy had won the cup with ethnic Italians, France had lost because its players were "niggers, Muslims and communists
Dolores Valandro, a member of the right-leaning Northern League party, called for the rape of Kyenge so she would "understand