cecilia munoz

The new initiative aims to tackle the "diaper divide."
One thing that appears clear, however, is that the administration has the policy in place, and the question now is one of
"When you hear the president talking about using his pen and his phone to make a difference for middle-class Americans and
Where is the Eliseo that urged the AFL-CIO, despite their (unsubstantiated) concern that immigrants take workers' jobs, to adopt the position of legal status for undocumented immigrants as a tenet of its platform? We need that Eliseo Medina. 
Whether it was Microsoft or the White House screening the questions, you can be certain of one thing: The White House has no interest in answering to criticism or challenging questions.
The missing family, who are from the Coachella Valley, reportedly passed through the infamously violent Mexican city of Ciudad
The political window in Washington is open for landmark, comprehensive reform to the immigration code. President Obama is expected to push for a bill in the early part of this year. Here are three ways the White House can lead the charge for meaningful immigration reform.
If natural gas is an already cheap and abundant source of energy, why would we subsidize it? The answer may be found with the Soros Management Fund.
Church officials were also encouraged by the appointment of Munoz, who is the daughter of immigrants from Bolivia. In her
Cecilia Munoz is the epitome of someone who enters public service to do something -- not just be something. Great choice, Mr. President.