cedric richmond

Joe Biden surged in the race, leaving the Vermont senator to rethink his campaign strategy to win the Democratic nomination.
“I know this is going to be the fight of my life,” Biden told about 200 supporters near the South Carolina Capitol.
The president's policies would "devastate the communities we represent," the group said.
The city's announcement comes amid nationwide demands for authorities to find the missing black and Latinx teens.
Twenty-two children are still missing, as of Wednesday.
Can we stop being shocked about misogyny on the left?
Cedric Richmond said he's sorry for comments that may have "hurt or demeaned."
“There are a number of unanswered questions surrounding Mr. Sterling's death."
According to a tally by Congressional Quarterly, Richmond missed 21 percent of House votes in 2014. Richmond told the New
WASHINGTON -- For the sixth year running, Democrats beat their Republican colleagues in the annual Roll Call Congressional