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CeeLo Green goes for gold on the Grammy’s red carpet, but he’s not the first. Who wore it better?
CeeLo Green goes for gold on the Grammy’s red carpet, but he’s not the first. Who wore it better?
“I’m OK. And I just want to thank everybody for their love and concern.”
The Goodie Mob/Gnarls Barkley star just premiered the official music video for "Working Class Heroes (Work)" off his recent solo effort Heart Blanche.
Give Amy Allen a capital "A" for effort while the singer-songwriter also makes an upper case for herself in the Ambition Department. Backed by the group she started forming in February 2014, Allen is revving up for a promising music career with Amy & the Engine.
Bill Cosby's finally started responding to some of the molestation allegations, and CeeLo Green  thinks that could go a long
Despite a strong introduction, the film quickly falls into a narrative that is hyper focused on rap music, yet fails to include in a meaningful way, other musical movements that were taking place simultaneously and contributed significantly to the rise of Atlanta rap.
The singer-songwriter’s account was taken down after some questionable posts, according to several reports, but a link to a verified account under his name is still active.
In 2012, a woman filed a police report accusing Green of sexual assault. The following year, Green pleaded not guilty to
Smokey Robinson: "When I sit down to write a song, every time I try to write a song, I'm trying to write a song that people would've sung 50 years ago, now, and 50 years from now."
When you overlook Paula Patton's absurd lion motif and zebra-print dress because there are worse wardrobes in sight, it's an indication that these people, their stylists and some designers must be conspiring against the rest of us.
The L.A. County D.A. will CLEAR CeeLo Green of charges he sexually assaulted a woman by allegedly slipping a drug in her
CeeLo is one of a kind, and in the book he shares how he discovered his own voice many years before he ever turned his chair around on "The Voice."
"I got a little gang of animals. I've adopted a rescue animal unit and I've made them partners," CeeLo said on HuffPost Live
CeeLo Green joins HuffPost Live and apologizes to his fans that it took so long for Goodie Mob to get back together.
Here for anyone who cares are my 40 favorite albums of 2012 -- just off the top of my yarmulke-covered head.