The U.S. soccer forward mischievously sent a message during her team's victory over Chile.
Approval of weed legalization is at an all-time high. Take a look at how getting baked became part of our culture.
La Tomatina: more than 150 tons of tomatoes, 20,000 participants and a whole lot of fun.
What makes the Passover Seder plate different from all other plates? The religious significance of each item placed on it.
Here are just some of the many ways Asians across the world celebrate Lunar New Year.
One winter evening, my dad was outside getting firewood and heard a faint meow against the muted sound of snowfall. When
First, it's all about planning. While there's some room for spontaneity, it's always better to have an initial plan on how
Women as Caretakers. No surprise there. It's a role that naturally falls to us, that we embrace -- readily or reluctantly or that we guilty shun.
When did you start your company and what inspired you? I started planning parties when I was 17 back in high school and once
The author photographing the restaurant's Ganesha statue set for Diwali. Photo: Jingo Media. Located in the quant, historic
Doorae Shin and Joy Waters, VegFest Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. A free event addresses health and environmental issues while
How often do you hear these types of statements? Or perhaps we should ask have you EVER heard anyone saying these things?
So when it comes to the question of partying, off leash is best. If you don't have a fenced enclosure, schedule a time to meet at a local dog park. Still stumped where to hold your event? Try a few doggie day care centers: they may be willing to rent out their space.
The common denominator that we share here is our love for God, our neighbor, and God's Earth, and our refusal to bow down to the tyranny of fear that threatens to envelop the world in warfare and other violence.
We're approaching the second half of summertime, but there are still quite a few weeks left until Labor Day hits and the weather cools down. Perhaps it's time to plan a quick getaway and take advantage of the season!
Do not run, dismiss, or hide. That simply insults and invalidates all the pain and mistreatment anyone who fails the test
When you celebrate a wedding, a graduation party, or a holiday like Valentine's Day, do you ever stop to think about doing it differently? Or even more importantly, do you think about the deeper meaning? Let's think about it in a little depth.
Weddings are special and unique in every culture around the world. Indian weddings are also fun and full with lot of activity. In India the customs of marriage change with regions and also with languages.
By Michelle Smith, Contributor Each year on the last Monday in May, Americans honor fallen soldiers. Memorial Day dates back
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