Celebrity Body

We spend our lives striving to achieve the perfection we see in the media but maybe we should start taking more stock in ourselves.
Body shaming is a part of American culture, at once abhorrent and everywhere. Women are shamed for being fat, skinny, tall, short, flat chested, busty, too plain, too sexy. But lately, there seems to be a different response from women -- frustration followed by acceptance and moving on.
When individuals change, society will change. Go ahead, live in harmony with nature - and be in awe of life's ease and grace
When your professional title is "Skinny Girl," of course wearing your 4-year-old's pajama set is going to spark controversy. Bethenny Frankel's fortune gets bigger as she "helps" women get physically smaller.
Totally doable tips to staying slim and fit from some of our favorite healthy ladies. Which star's trick works best for you?
Kirstie Alley has led her weight loss journey publicly, and now the former "Fat Actress" is returning to Jenny Craig in her
During her entire pregnancy, I'm pretty sure her body was present and accounted for. She was, in fact, using that body to create another human life, so how did she "get it back," and from where?
Hollywood, take note -- for this is the way to deal with haters. The Internet seems to bring out the worst in people, and
There are some deep cultural implications that we can glean from this here saggy boob or perceived saggy boob syndrome. The truth is, my boobs aren't really THAT saggy, but I think what's deceptive about their downward persuasion is that they're REAL!
Kenya Moore has been laying into Burruss with the fat comments on this season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Several
Celebrity weight loss stories are called out as destructive and anti-feminist. And yet, there's something refreshing -- and, perhaps, even healthy -- about those celebrities who publicly discuss their ups and downs.
In 2010, "The Hills" star Heidi Montag famously underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in a single day, which, in addition
Khloe Kardashian has been going through a rough couple of weeks after rumors of her husband Lamar Odom's alleged drug use
Ali Lohan looks very different from the last time we saw her, though we have to admit we hadn't been paying close attention
While thousands of people stand in line each week just to get one cronut, Klum got that and more. And this time ... she's
Ellen DeGeneres offers up some intimate wedding photos on her account. _______________________ Ashley Benson loves the holidays
Mila Kunis just keeps on raking in those sexy titles. Among the reasons listed on FHM's website for this year's pick are
Speaking of french fries, Osbourne says she indulges in whatever "cheat meals" she wants, admitting that she never feels