celebrity breakup

Breaking up with a Kardashian is even harder than keeping up with one.
The singer called their two-year relationship "toxic" and "scary."
The couple reportedly first got together in June.
When celeb breakups happen, it's no surprise that we like to speculate about all the stuff they're going to want to sell or chuck out.
He finally broke his silence since the breakup.
A lot of times these first love relationships hit fast and furious, but when high school ends, many of these connections also come to an end, not by choice, or because they are unhappy, but rather because of practicality. As a result, the longing for the opportunity to maintain the relationship can live on.
It is surprising and unnerving when we hear about these couples who prevailed for so long but didn't ultimately succeed at their union. It can be hard to understand what drives people to split up after so many years together.