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Promoting his latest film, actor Harrison Ford chastized the United States and praised Greta Thunberg.
Discover more about ARROW-HEART'S commitment to kids at http://www.arrow-heart.org Their program introduces these kids to
To shine a light on the missing, the charity Every Mother Counts is asking healthy, present mothers everywhere to "disappear" this Mother's Day.
Hollywood stars have a unique gift. It's not the ability to make audiences laugh (or cry), or the free swag constantly bestowed upon them. Their gift comes from the power to promote whatever they support to millions of people.
For people who have lived in the celebrity-laden world of Los Angeles, celebrity-sighting is just an everyday occurrence. But I will always jump up, with eyes bulging, when a celebrity is sighted supporting a cause, like ending homelessness.
Some celebrity performers are taking the spotlight off themselves and focusing the light on crucial matters that affect us all.
WATCH: Slashfood reports that Ferrell has joined other celebrities, like Jennifer Hudson and Snoop Dogg, in the caffeinated
The allure of a fashion model, historically, is a result of their unattainability, their luxurious and elite facade. As a
The most practical investment we can make in global public health is plumbing. If we recognize the illnesses caused by poor plumbing, we will save millions of lives each year.