celebrity cosmetic surgery

Getting a nip here and a tuck there has become as regular as going to the dentist in the wonderful world of Hollywood. But
Oh, what men wouldn't give to be George Clooney. Apparently, they're even willing to sacrifice their family jewels to feel
The denial seems out of character for the "American Idol" judge, whose entire aesthetic is less-than natural looking, but
Despite a spectacular performance at the Super Bowl, #Beyonce is trending on the Internet for other reasons: the rumor she got a nose job, and a very muscly photo. HuffPost Celebrity Editor Youyoung Lee and Javier Manjarres join Marc to speculate.
It's hard to refute the photographic evidence, and if you look over a timeline of her photos it's seems fairly obvious that
"I would ask Eddie from time to time if my vagina was the same after childbirth. He always said yes, except once," Glanville
Until recently, the 23-year-old singer favored more conservative necklines, and last night's plunging white Kaufmanfranco
She's spoken about body image in Hollywood in the past, and now actress Kate Winslet is railing against plastic surgery too