On last night's NBC special, Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows, the Friends cast got together again for a
This diet isn't for everyone, and it's not meant to be -- most people aren't supermodels or NFL quarterbacks for a living, after all.
We have more pressing intel on something that the fans really want to know.
See a sampling of his meals below: “Whether it be Michael Phelps or The Rock, they need to consume an enormous amount of
Despite these claims, it seems that models are putting their health first, as Kendall is among other women like Karlie Kloss
Bannino, a self-taught photographer, organizes stunning still lifes that summarize the diet patterns of history's most fastidious
Clarke even told the magazine that the delicious spread at the interview was off limits, according to E!. "Everything on
Things are looking pretty good for Gabrielle Union. The actress is starring in "Being Mary Jane" and is engaged to basketball
Memo to Gwyneth: 6 cups of hot water with a couple of random chickpeas floating in it, do not a soup make.
Celebrity weight loss stories are called out as destructive and anti-feminist. And yet, there's something refreshing -- and, perhaps, even healthy -- about those celebrities who publicly discuss their ups and downs.
It seems as though strange celebrity diets are a fad that never escapes the pages of magazines, tabloids or stars' newest
Stars resort to some seriously strange methods to lose weight, ranging from the wacky to the downright dangerous. Whatever
In order to truly become Superman, Henry Cavill not only read all the comic books before filming, but he took some drastic
Apparently, the Oscar-winning 40-year-old got wind of the conversation, and touched on it in her latest Goop newsletter. For
Gwyneth Paltrow is probably used to getting scrutinized for her unconventional diets, but when excerpts of her new book "It's
Fortunately, the actors I have worked with are all aware that practicing unhealthy dieting is not a viable choice when it comes to everyday living. It is not sustainable and does not make weight loss permanent. Many are fantastic cooks who love to prepare foods for themselves and their families.
Jillian Michaels plays a tough fitness coach on "The Biggest Loser," but the results on the NBC weight-loss reality show