celebrity dogs

Because our four-legged companions are a gentle reminder of how to find balance and live with utter joy.
A family member was the pediatric dentist in Newtown and 8 of the 20 young children that were murdered were his patients
No mutts about it, these dogs are worthy of a "double tap."
While she didn't mention the name of the second new addition, it goes without saying that she look thrilled to be taking
You know the saying -- people tend to be attracted to other people with similar facial features. The same thing can be said
List and captions courtesy of Vetstreet More From Vetstreet: Photos: Comfort Dogs Help a Grieving Connecticut Town 5 Once
Back in Rin Tin Tin's day, dogs lived in the backyard chained to a tree. But now simple doghouses have morphed into designer dens and puppy palaces.
That's all well and good, but let's talk about what you're wearing when you take your pooch for a walk. Most likely, you've
There's a new trend in young Hollywood we can totally get behind: rescuing adorable puppies! After adopting her fifth rescue
Jeremy Renner suffered a devastating loss last weekend, after his 8-month-old puppy Franklin dropped dead on a baseball field
Following in the footsteps of fellow actor Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks took to his WhoSay account to bid adieu to his dear pup
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