Last week, Elizabeth Banks made celebrity headlines when she admitted she had not seen herself as pretty when she was younger
"Little girls big balls. #stilldancing #aktinmotion @thekaisertweet," Ripa wrote. "Thank you @AKTINMOTION and @TheKaiserTweet
Totally doable tips to staying slim and fit from some of our favorite healthy ladies. Which star's trick works best for you?
While most of the country braved yet another snowstorm on Thursday (Feb. 13), Lea Michele soaked up the Los Angeles sunshine
The talk show host bared her toned tummy on Twitter yesterday (Dec. 11), posting a photo of herself with her legs stretched up against a wall, which reads, "Whether you think you can or you can't -- you're right."
Ripa is seriously ripped. "Thank you @AKTINMOTION and @TheKaiserTweet for letting me lean on you," Ripa wrote, thanking her