SPECIAL FROM Grandparents.com From Goldie Hawn to Prince Charles, these actors, politicians, and famous folks offer their
What comes to mind when you hear grandma or grandpa? Either you're thinking of your loving grandparents or you're thinking
n an interview with Oprah shortly after her beloved grandmother passed away from cancer, Rihanna said, "She taught me a lot
There must be something in the water... because baby fever is taking Hollywood by storm. We have a slew of new celebrity
Prince Charles and his wife have appeared more frequently in pictures with their new grandchild, Prince George, than Queen
It's been said that "grandparenthood is one of life's rewards for surviving your own children.” We can't argue with that
When Ian Somerhalder announced via Instagram that he was preparing to be a grandfather this week, our first thoughts were
Kris jenner is a woman whose family is at the core of all that she does. The momager, author and soon-to-be talk show host
"I'm pregnant!" Well, not quite. The singer, actress and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestent admitted she was joking
"Gramma and papa. The sweetest words ever!" -- Kt Burt "Mima." -- Susan Clayton "My kids don't have kids yet... But when
Being a grandparent to a troubled grandchild is a delicate dance. As a grandparent, you may want to get involved in your
And then there's this: Responsible person Charlie Sheen is adding another nickname to his list, but this one won't get bleeped
I discovered one of the great misconceptions about grandparenthood. It's not just about you and your grandchild. Your relationship with your grandchild is embedded in the relationship with your adult child and his or her spouse. They are the gatekeepers to a successful relationship with your grandchildren.
Long gone are the days when being a grandparent meant relaxing in a rocking chair with occasional bouts of baking and present
Making it in Tinseltown is never easy, but it's always helpful to have some Hollywood ties in your family. In honor of Grandparent's
When we hear the word "granny," we can't help thinking of Irene Ryan in "The Beverly Hillbillies," or the Looney Tunes character