celebrity lookalikes

Some fans mistook Reeves' companion Alexandra Grant for the Oscar winner.
Police in Blackpool, England, were sorry to rule out David Schwimmer as a suspect.
Even she knows they are pretty much the same person.
Cosmopolitan tracked down Swift's doppelganger. Her name is reportedly Morgan Jensen, and she's thrilled to be compared to
Hey, some people are great at painting, others can make their face look like any celebrity.
Also making waves on the Reddit thread is a Peter Dinklage doppelgänger: “Came in expecting half-baked vague resemblances
Last year, Reddit found the first Jay Z doppelgänger in a photo from 1939. That photo was taken in Harlem, 70 years ago, by
Are we seeing double? We'll admit, we're not sure how we didn't see this before, but "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams