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For all his advice on how to make lots of money, Robbins likes to spend money, too. Some of the things he buys are luxurious, some are not, and some are for other people. Here's a list of some of Robbins' favorite things to throw his money at.
From her huge pet budget to her Target shopping trips, see what Britney spent her money on in 2014.
Sofia Vergara is TV's highest paid actress, which works out well for the "Modern Family" star since she freely admits she "loves making money."
When celebrities take time off, they do it in style. And to travel in the best, most photogenic way, they cough up a lot
Every year, Forbes publishes a myriad of Highest Earning lists. The magazine picks apart the silver screen (differentiating
Most celebrity homes' worth becomes public knowledge once a star acquires their new digs, or tries to sell it off. And though
Kelsey Grammer's business advisor is likely hoping he still has a job, after the actor announced he recently made a very
Over one month into 2013, it's no surprise that everyone is still trying to keep that New Year's resolution to save a buck or two. From models to musicians, pop stars to politicians, here is the Coupons.com favorite penny pinching Frugalebrities of 2012.
For more on how much celebrities earn compared to us common folk, click on over to Parade. These should help, too: Stars
Let's just say he was "taking care" of business: rapper Drake reportedly threw down $50,000 worth of green bills recently
While the website in question, Staropoly.com, is no longer live, an older version accessed via The Wayback Machine reveals
Brett Butler and Sly Stone have gone from living in mansions to being homeless, while Mike Tyson and Burt Reynolds are among
We seem to think that if you can't make a large-scale, celebrity-influenced difference, then it doesn't count, but it does. You don't have to have a million dollars to make a million-dollar difference.