celebrity obsession

I love talking about celebrities, but I would hate to be the reason they shatter into a million pieces. So put Harry Styles down before you break him.
"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sundays at 11 a.m. ET on OWN. Elizabeth Lesser, author and cofounder of the Omega Institute, adds
What saddens me the most is that as much as my young cousin can eloquently predict the future for Ms. Nicki Minaj, she cannot even see a clear one for herself as she embarks high school. Where did we go wrong? Is there a way out?
Whether it's an athlete, a celebrity, a politician or a business leader, what matters are the terms of the social contract that people have established with you, and understanding the illogic that lies at their heart, is the best way to ensure you don't break them.
Has our obsession with celebrities become unhealthy? For HuffPost Celebrity's inaugural entry in the Change My Mind debate
Gossip and celebrity are the great luxuries of true democracy. They're the tawdry jewel in the crown of free speech and expression. Gossip about the famous or infamous is for leisure, for fun, for entertainment, for relaxation.
The answer is not press controls, but stricter laws, both national and international, to police illegal activities from intrusive and threatening paparazzi to phone hackers working for the media.
Since Elvis, the social pathos and obsession with celebrities has grown more than a hundred-fold, and this King of Pop will never be laid to rest or allowed to rest in peace.