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"R.I.P. my little angel," Jonas wrote of the couple's dog Waldo Picasso, who was hit by a vehicle.
The "Saturday Night Live" star seems to have some misgivings about his furry friend.
"I always knew I would lose a piece of me when he left us. I feel the hole now."
And a monkey protection group is not happy about it.
Since the calendar -- which you can preorder here -- will no doubt just pique your interest in so many different ways, stay
Does this woman realize what she's doing when she says her "beloved" dog couldn't be re-homed because of what she's turned
The socialite, who told VH1 last year that she had 35 pets -- yes, 35! -- just purchased a new puppy. According to TMZ, the
It may have been Pal that went in the river, but it was Lassie that came out. That is my star! There isn't much debate that
How did you become such an advocate for animal rights? I am one of millions of people who was just born with a deep love
Since we know most details of celebrities' lives, it's not a shock that we're familiar with their pets. They get caught in
They say that dogs are man's best friend, and we've got proof with plenty of hot celebrity guys showing love for pups. Read