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Photoshop rumors, be damned. When Britney Spears' cover issue of Women's Health debuted this week, some questioned whether
Yet another reason Lorde is the coolest 17-year-old pop star on the planet? She's got "flaws" and she's not afraid to point
It's no secret that publications and promotional material often use Photoshop to manipulate images of celebrities and models
Earlier this week, there was quite a bit of speculation that Britney Spears was Photoshopped for her "Work, Bitch" video, but virtual alterations are nothing new. Women are constantly bombarded with wildly unrealistic transformations in magazines and the ads that fill them.
To emphasize the egregiousness of it all, we bring you the chop jobs of some beautiful women that you know quite well. Here
For years, we've been told not to rely on magazine covers and glamorous photo shoots for inspiration, because even the most
The 26-year-old singer appeared visibly thinner in the photos she posted herself, and then used the vulnerable moment to