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Neither Kardashian nor a rep for the family was immediately available for comment. He did, however, post a tweet Friday afternoon
Like Us On Facebook | Follow Us On Twitter | "It ends up being the greatest thing that ever happened to me," he said during
"My whole life, this disease has been rampant," Minnelli told the Guardian in 2008. "I inherited it, and it's been horrendous
"I'm a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I've found it hard to practice," she said in the statement, continuing
Back in December 2013, a few weeks before entering rehab, Gomez canceled the Asian and Australian leg of her Stars Dance
Celebrities who go in and out of rehab may be struggling privately, but the message the public receives in those cases -- enough details to know that a celebrity is back in a program, but not enough to know why -- is too often that rehab is a place to go whenever you feel the need to get away for a bit.
Spelling and McDermott have four children together. Earlier this month, Us Weekly broke the news that McDermott, 47, cheated
A request for comment made to Brolin's reps was not immediately answered. Explaining why he decided to get professional help
Behind the scenes, my addiction had led me to the deepest, darkest places. I continued to get into legal trouble, and I even tried to take my own life. I was convinced that I had it all -- backpacks full of cash, girls, fame, cars, you name it.
When I arrived in rehab, I was acutely aware that all my thoughts, words and actions up to that point in my life had led me to this place. This was the result of the sum total of all my activities. What I could not realize was that I had hit the jackpot. My authentic self was awakening.
Affleck, who'd been in rehab himself in 2001, visited with the troubled actress away from the Malibu facility she had been
"When the addicts call the shots, they fail. So when someone says to me, 'I'm willing to do anything -- just not that 12-step thing,' I know that means it's someone who's not ready for anything."
In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "Hunger Games" star Wes Bentley opened up about his past battle with heroin addiction.
In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, "Hunger Games" star Wes Bentley opened up about his past battle with heroin
Since that time, the 43-year-old has made a mission of helping other addicts find their own paths to sobriety. After joining
Bob Forrest joins Marc to talk about Dr. Drew Pinsky.
In the aftermath of a difficult breakup, it's not uncommon for people to turn to guilty pleasures such as food, sex and alcohol
The "sex addiction" diagnosis has long been a controversial one, with skeptics claiming that it's nothing more than an excuse
Does an addict who uses 40 bags of heroin (!) per day really have the mental wherewithal to give informed consent to be filmed? How much desperation (I need help but I can't afford it, can you help, Dr. Drew?) goes into such consent?