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Kris Jenner is speaking out against claims Rob Kardashian has checked into rehab. "Rob definitely has his ups and downs, and
It was after his 1988 scandal involving a sex tape and an underage girl that Lowe knew it was time to finally turn things
Her issues with drugs apparently began when a doctor prescribed her Valium after the death of her mother, Judy Garland, in
For more, head over to Teen Vogue. Almost three months after her release, the star continues on the path she began in March
"Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse," her rep told RadarOnline. Selena Gomez spent two
Celebrities who go in and out of rehab may be struggling privately, but the message the public receives in those cases -- enough details to know that a celebrity is back in a program, but not enough to know why -- is too often that rehab is a place to go whenever you feel the need to get away for a bit.
On the heels of his cheating allegations, TMZ reported this morning that McDermott is accused of stiffing "the people who
Josh Brolin is apparently trying to live up to his promise to quit drinking: The Oscar-nominated actor reportedly checked
Behind the scenes, my addiction had led me to the deepest, darkest places. I continued to get into legal trouble, and I even tried to take my own life. I was convinced that I had it all -- backpacks full of cash, girls, fame, cars, you name it.
When I arrived in rehab, I was acutely aware that all my thoughts, words and actions up to that point in my life had led me to this place. This was the result of the sum total of all my activities. What I could not realize was that I had hit the jackpot. My authentic self was awakening.