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The actor wrote he was "over the moon" for Moore, but offered a gentlemanly denial to the claim in her new autobiography "Inside Out."
When you hear the phrase "celebrity sex tape," certain images quickly come to mind. You think about a pair of impossibly
The celebrities are at it again! This week, they ran the gamut from sex to love to mothers and their antics. Read more on
When it comes to talking about sex, some celebrities are more than willing to share their intimate stories. "I lost my virginity
We've all fallen victim to those less than ideal photo ops where we're not quite ready to say cheese. But in celebrity-land, those moments can happen faster than you can say, "Not again, Bieber!"
We've all fallen victim to those less than ideal photo ops where we're not quite ready to say cheese. But in celebrity-land
Oh celebrities, we love you so much, but you do say the naughtiest things! From love to sex even to Halloween, celebs always
They said what?! The celebrities are at it again! What did they have to say about love, sex and everything in between this
We don't always (OK, almost never...) turn to celebrities for marriage advice. But when it comes from some of Hollywood's
Hammer and Chambers tied the knot in 2010. Last year, the couple opened a bakery, Bird Bakery, in Chambers' hometown of San
The actress revealed that while it was difficult to watch her husband act as a pedophile on a recent episode of "Shameless
And Chris Evans candidly revealed that he rushed home to his mom as soon as he finished doing the deed. "I raced home and
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"It did such wonders for my life, my confidence, my sex life, everything," she says of Tracy Anderson's workout. Plus, to
In a society where infidelity is commonplace, many people have begun to ask themselves: is monogamy realistic? Some experts
The "sex addiction" diagnosis has long been a controversial one, with skeptics claiming that it's nothing more than an excuse
Holzer said the singer has been known for her ability to get publicity and suggests it wouldn't shock her if Ke$ha created
In fact, the "Think Like A Man" star recently revealed to Life & Style magazine that she and Franklin, who she first met
With all of the sex scandals in Hollywood, it's easy to think that celebrities are quick to jump into bed. Keep in touch
Gerard Butler may be out of rehab and sober... but he's still out of his mind! Over the weekend, he was seen partying at