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Photos by Seun Igwe WATCH: BIZ MY WAY: Ehinomen Ehikhamenor [Carl Shcronez, MBK Video Series Director, Mike Muse, MBK Millennial
By going “off script,” the actress exposes the billion-dollar diet and fitness industries to questions they'd likely not
Let the inches pile up on the ground and not on your waist with a customized home workout from celebrity trainer Noah Neiman.
If you are like most people when it comes to getting your bikini body ready for summer, you may be waiting until "crunch time." Well with Memorial Day weekend being less than five weeks away, I'm here to tell you that "crunch time" has officially arrived.
As celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Michelle Williams and Kate Winslet prepare to hit the Oscars red carpet this Sunday, it’s
You must take responsibility for your present condition and understand that you are not a victim of your past but claim the power to shape your future.
You don't need to have a lot of money -- or be a celebrity -- to get in shape!
Some of the best, most educated trainers that I know, who are Ph.Ds of exercise physiology or have their master's degree in exercise kinesiology, don't tend to train celebrities.
David Kirsch, known for whipping the likes of Heidi Klum and Anne Hathaway into shape, teaches health and fitness host Zelana
Learn more about his approach to each -- plus a fifth pillar to consider -- in the interview below. “Through the years I’ve
I was recently asked to comment on Katie Holmes' new "ultra-thin" look and the regiment of Olympian exercise and micro-dieting she is using to achieve it.