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She also reveals the music she listens to when she's sad.
"I was having a lot of vodka with sausage. Delicious, but bad for you," he joked. The "Hangover" star first debuted his weight
Celebrity weight loss is a tricky thing. With every method of exercise and dieting at their disposal, it's not hard to see
With celebrity lives under the microscope, it's tough to miss when a star gains or loses a few pounds. But what tends to
First, the "Fashion Police" co-host told David Letterman that the singer should have named her hit song "Rolling in the Deep
On Sunday, the 62-year-old posted a photo of an obese woman in a red bikini with her own head photoshopped onto the woman's
The singer, who was stick thin when she first burst on to the scene in 1999, has struggled with her weight for years, but
By Charlotte Andersen for Shape.com There's so much more to these famous females (and one male) than their figures! Here
Hathaway says the same goes for her fashion decisions-- whether she's going to the supermarket or heading to the Oscars. See
Sadly, the "Hunger Games" star is no stranger to comments about weight, as she reportedly laughed off critics who claimed