Wife Jennifer McDaniel says Hogan's favorite workout is anything that has to do with bulking up his arms. "I call mine the
Things are looking pretty good for Gabrielle Union. The actress is starring in "Being Mary Jane" and is engaged to basketball
Here's why: When we don't pay attention to heart rate, we have no idea if we're working out too hard or not hard enough, both
With the upcoming Avengers flick, superhero bods are going to be everywhere. And if you want to match the amazing physiques
Sure, celebrities can afford expensive personal trainers, fancy home gyms and access to the swankiest health clubs. But sometimes
1. Circuit strength training. Those toned arms don't come without some heavy lifting! Biel makes the most of her time in
Now, I know I'm about four years late to this trendy workout scene--if only Brooke Shields, Tory Burch, or Anderson Cooper