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If you're going to scroll before bed, here's how to make it as healthy as possible so it doesn't disrupt your rest.
Musician Keyon Harrold, who filmed the incident, said the woman tackled his son and tried to search his pockets. The woman later found her phone.
The voting process likely will be uneventful. But if you're in a lengthy queue, here are enjoyable ways to give your brain a break.
You're living through a global pandemic. Don't beat yourself up about extra screen time.
"Nicely done, general," host Jim Scuitto commented after the retired commander's offending phone went airborne.
When you need a cellphone to apply for a job and you need a job to afford a cellphone, qualified candidates lacking tech can fall unfairly behind.
"A miracle," the teen's mother said of the rescue saga in North Carolina.
Customers previously had to request or download apps to have the calls blocked. Now it can be done by default.
In case of emergency, the President can now send alerts to your cell phone.