If it goes ahead, the facility will operate around the clock, with 189 trucks making trips.
For centuries, humankind has relied on concrete to safeguard our families and ensure the security of our communities. We continue to use concrete because it is strong, and durable, and more able to withstand Mother Nature's temperament.
Unless we change the way we build homes and businesses, our communities are going to continue to see excessive hazard and destruction based on Mother Nature's whims. More resilient structures will help keep our communities intact.
If you want to spruce up your home and garden without breaking the bank, it's time to look to an unlikely item: the cinder block. While these concrete chunks may look unsightly at first, they're really a DIYer's dream.
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Fyodor Gladkov published his novel Cement in 1925. One of the first examples of socialist realism, it depicted the post-revolutionary construction of the Soviet Union from the point of view of a cement factory.
Petroleum engineering professor Alain Gringarten at Imperial College in London, queried Tuesday by Martin Boles for BP and
(This article is published in "The Louisiana Weekly" in the April 29, 2013 edition.) BP raised questions in court about additives
Last Monday, the court heard testimony from John Guide, BP's Houston-based wells team leader. The University of Pittsburgh
He said the initial dry blend contained Halliburton's D-Air 3000 defoamer, which is added to cement "to break the air to
Asked about 222 overdue maintenance tasks on the Deepwater Horizon on April 20, 2010, Ambrose said "that's actually a good
Those remarks indicated Transocean was more interested in production than safety, Webster said. "When the rig is idle, it's
Roth was also questioned about a mid-April 2010 email from BP drilling engineer Brian Morel to his boss, senior drilling
But, he said, BP's well site leaders on the rig were responsible for deciding how such tests were performed and for interpreting
Shovel-wielding miners in rags and plastic shoes, some with the protruding ribs and work-ravaged pallor of labor camp prisoners
As opposed to the National Academy Engineering panel, the president's panel continues to focus on investigating what happened environmentally after the blowout as opposed to seeking out the actual causes of the blowout.
Recently, the EPA announced that cement companies will have to clean up high levels of mercury, soot, and smog coming from their plants. Like most EPA efforts, this initiative drew industry ire.