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Experts worry that the growing market for high-tech night vision gear is a national security concern.
“You can rail against it, but it’s really hard to untangle.” That was the expert opinion of Ilan Goldenberg at a blunt and
That said, Taiwan's latest election juxtaposed against Beijing's increasing aggressiveness in the region and its demonstrable
These staggering figures underscore the need for the VA to develop more mental-health programs and an accurate system for
Many Japanese feel throttled by their American ally and feel that they have less and less choice in the security relationship -- constrained both by regional realities and an overlord that doesn't understand their problems.
Secretary Clinton's meeting with Ahmed in Kenya in August, and the increased aid she offered to Somalia, conveyed substantial US support for Ahmed's government. Yet his position is still uncertain.
Sanger: "The Iraq War so preoccupied the senior leadership of the United States that many greater threats were allowed to fester. President-elect Obama needs to re-balance the portfolio."
Throwing more troops into the mess in Afghanistan is the kind of mistake that the previous administration would make. Obama needs to show that he has learned something of those mistakes.