center for american progress

Employees of the liberal think tank have put all options on the table as they push for higher salaries.
By 2035, all new cars sold in the Golden State must emit zero emissions. But a new report asks: Will the workers who build them be safe and paid fairly?
A Center for American Progress review shows nearly 30 million acres of federal land in the state are at risk of being developed or transferred.
It's the latest casualty in the struggling digital media industry.
The Center for American Progress' CEO said its aim “is to positively engage with all political leaders" on the nation’s future.
The presidential contender took aim at the Center for American Progress, which has close ties to the Democratic Party establishment.
A Center for American Progress review shows the Trump administration's proposal downplays risks in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Senators say they have questions about student performance and fiscal transparency in the online school systems.
A new plan signals revived interest in public options and even Medicare-for-all.