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The Council on American-Islamic Relations will give the Jewish Voice for Peace its new "Defender of Liberty" award.
Legendary human rights lawyer Michael Ratner died Wednesday. His pathbreaking legal and political work on behalf of the poor and oppressed around the world is unmatched. His death is an incalculable loss for the cause of freedom, peace and justice.
From defending civil rights in the US to defending Central American revolutions from the US. The radical lawyer Michael Ratner, who died on May 11 at age 72, was always, instinctively, in the right place, fighting the right battle, from the right trench.
Was Steven Salaita's firing an isolated incident that seems to have partially backfired, or was it a trial balloon for ridding our nation's campuses of anti-occupation professors and groups?
We are far and away the world leader in putting our own people in jail. Most of the people inside are poor and Black. Here are 40 reasons why.
Here, at Guantanamo, I am never heard. I am only ignored. In 13 years of imprisonment without charge, I've never been able to tell anyone who I really am. I am not ISN 026. That is the government's number. My name is Fahd Abdullah Ahmed Ghazy. I am a human being -- a man -- who is loved and who loves.
“What the Court of Appeals said is that, despite the plain language of the AETA statute, despite my objective reading of
The career choice Beverly Whipple made has been a lifesaver to countless women in Washington State for more than a quarter century. In 1979, she and Deborah Lazaldi, both natives of Yakima, founded Feminist Women's Health Center in Yakima, to offer reproductive choice and healthcare.
The president's pledge last May to close Guantanamo came amidst a mass hunger strike at the prison by men protesting their indefinite detention. Since then only a handful of men have been released from Guantanamo, where hungers strikes and brutal force-feedings continue.
As even many Republicans understand, the U.S. Constitution does not recognize a right to discriminate or bully in the guise of religion. And Scott Lively's days of roaming the globe to whip up anti-gay hate are numbered, too.
Report Inconsistencies Despite strong evidence of the lasting damage DU can cause, the U.S. once again used it as a weapon
Does the United States still intend to close the offshore prison? And, if so, what steps are currently underway to achieve that objective? The answers should have been forthcoming.
The Center for Constitutional Rights, a non-profit civil rights legal group, is bringing the lawsuit, Floyd v. City of New
NEW YORK -- The lawyers suing the New York Police Department over its stop-and-frisk policy said the federal case's March
Protecting rights is an integral part of protecting communities. Keeping our city safe and treating all people with dignity and respect are not mutually exclusive. The NYPD should stop and think about that.