center for disease control

A cruise ship with several passengers who have tested positive for the coronavirus is set to dock off the California coast.
In the swirl of world events that range from economic uncertainty to continuing unease about terrorism, President Obama took an important step today to strengthen our ability to protect people in the United States and around the world from disease outbreaks.
Knocking down the myths of the NRA such as the number of the defensive gun uses will not convince gun advocates and conservative politicians bankrolled by the NRA to change their minds about passing sensible gun legislation.
Why am I writing about this in an article clearly designed to give readers my tips on health and medicine? It is because I see this motion picture plot and dialogue as a metaphor for a real life drama, which I experience in my patients and my office on a daily basis.
Donald Trump, like no other candidate can, embodies the right wing's rapid descent into mindlessness and their embrace of know-nothingism. With Trump, there is nothing there besides the huge eponymous banner announcing "Trump" that appears on all his possessions, a bluster, and a golden combover seemingly forever frozen in place.
Live anthrax was shipped by accident and poses no threat to the general public.