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“When you see three people in the course of three months murdered and you see those same threats against Taslima, you take
Enter Thomas Paine, the one truly radical Founding Father, who was fighting for that soul of America. He was also the man who inspired a long and bloody war through his words in Common Sense and American Crisis, words often quoted by Neocons.
Under CFI, project organizers will still work with the Brights, but they will also seek additional ways to identify and contact
There's a big difference between being gay and being an atheist. Someone can persuade you to be an atheist; no one is going to persuade you to be gay.
In my experience, interfaith work doesn't require that people check their convictions at the door, and if the only thing keeping atheists from participating is a semantic disagreement with the word "faith," I think that is a missed opportunity.
The core messages of religion and naturalism do not sound so different, really. Should it be a surprise that they can converge on a morality designed for the essential needs for life?
As we head into 2011, humanist leaders around the world have resolved to give more and get their fellow freethinkers to do the same.
This is not Jesus Camp in reverse, where we take aim at God and religion to the exclusion of other ontological claims. Instead, the point is for campers to learn empirical and ethical methods with which to make up their own minds.
Senator James Inhofe misused the power of his chairmanship to expend taxpayer resources on distorting, misleading, and outright deceiving when it comes to scientific issues, most notably in relation to questions of Global Warming.