center for political accountability

What is "dark money" and how can it be traced? Do you have a sense for the transparency of the companies below the S&P 500
Tracking, transparency, and trust. Together, these three words should become a template for ensuring good corporate governance and for helping to promote standards of excellence and accountability among American companies of which all of us can be proud.
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is waging a behind-the-scenes battle against transparency efforts.
While investors and the Center for Political Accountability have been pushing for greater disclosure for at least a decade
With so many business-hub communities surrounding Seattle (more than a dozen not counting bedroom communities), residents desiring low-cost local services do not have to drive far to find businesses not constrained by the new minimum wage.
I have been both a lobbyist and a banker, and I understand the instincts of the business associations to protect their members, but from a societal perspective, exposing the money behind the politics is just common sense.
What's even clearer in the wake of Citizens United and Target's experience is that any corporation engaging in political activity without disclosure and a rigorous governance oversight process heightens its exposure to risk.