Central Africa

The baby was traveling on one of two rubber boats carrying over 200 migrants and refugees.
Axel Augé, Ecole Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Amid the mayhem of the Central African Republic, new armed groups are emerging, according
Most of these majestic creatures were slaughtered for nothing more than their ivory tusks.
Elections have dominated the headlines in 2016. It seems that every major region of the world has been affected by electoral
The global health community simply cannot afford to ignore the HIV epidemic in Western and Central Africa (WCA), where five million, or a third, of the 15 million people who should be started on antiretrovirals in the next four years currently live.
"The Kasaï Nightingale" was on stage, a flamboyantly dressed stage animal as always, when he collapsed from a sudden illness
This is becoming truer each year as the world becomes more connected, and globalization spreads both opportunity but also
The second panel, on February 10, was highlighted by Roger Meece, former ambassador to the DRC and former UN representative
You’ve probably had the following experience: You are reading along when a map, shaded in a procession of pastels, interrupts
Perriello also has close ties to the Obama administration, and recently led a quadrennial review of the diplomatic and development
Snapchat is the chosen platform for this project because it is “a social platform where messages disappear, [and it highlights
OO Human Infections By 'Monkey Malaria' Increasing As Forests Disappear OO Air Pollution Exposure Can Drastically Increase
A United Nations peace-keeping mission for Central Africa? This is the ultimate question for the US and the international community as a whole as talks launched in New York on March 6 wend their way to a vote.
As we turn our collective attention to Syria, we must confront the need to provide humanitarian and peacekeeping aid in countries such as the CAR, whose plight may be visible to us only on Facebook, but whose conflicts could escalate regional instability that threatens an entire continent and beyond.
This year, hundreds of thousands of children lived because of this change in the global market. And because of UNICEF's volume purchasing, prices for therapeutic food dropped by nearly 10 percent -- math that equates to more children saved.