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Pope Francis begins his first visit to Africa this week. This visit is significant in many ways.
Militias are back on the streets of Bangui, raising fears of more sectarian violence.
For people in Bangui, December 5, 2013 was a day so horrific it does not need a month or year to identify it. Instead, it is referred to simply as 'le cinq' or 'the fifth.'
Nearly 1.5 million children are out of school, rapidly losing any hope of rebuilding their lives and their country. Out-of-school children are at greater risk of violence, rape, recruitment into militias, and prostitution. It looks bleak now, and it looks bleak in the future.
The report found that there had been no progress on disarming the rebel factions since March and that any hopes of achieving
Seleka's rule was marred by abuses that prompted a backlash from the mostly Christian and animist anti-balaka militia. Seleka
Gaston Mackouzangba, spokesperson for the Central African Republic's transitional government, said that the security situation
While the Central African Republic stands on the precipice of genocide and protests rage in the capital, the government in
In addition, the working conditions for the few remaining aid organizations that still provide critical care are turning
Seleka leaders stepped down in January under intense international pressure, but the peacekeepers and a weak interim government
BANGUI, April 27 (Reuters) - At least 22 people, including 15 local chiefs and three local members of staff from medical
Almost 200,000 people have fled the country since December, and a further 160,000 are expected to this year. The UNHCR says
Security is crucial and there can be no peace and development while there is violence and fear. France and African Union troops have done a great job, but the current situation is neither viable nor sufficient.
The obvious question is: How and why does AMD have a point of view on this egregious situation?
A United Nations peace-keeping mission for Central Africa? This is the ultimate question for the US and the international community as a whole as talks launched in New York on March 6 wend their way to a vote.
"You typically have one or two 'level three' emergencies every couple of years," Brennan said at the briefing, according
He was one of the most famous poets of his age, and often called upon to weigh in on events, which he resisted. He preferred to act anonymously, acting on behalf of others, but never calling attention to himself.
“It is true Muslims are fleeing,” he said. “But many more are sheltering in churches.” The alliance is one of the agencies
In Baoro, a town in the northwest, a Roman Catholic parish is caring for more than 2,000 Muslims who can’t flee. A group