Central California

The attorney is trying to convince voters that their congressman is too busy protecting the president to focus on fixing central California's water crisis.
Blink and you’ll miss Buellton, Calif., a tiny town a two-hour drive north of Los Angeles. And maybe that’s just fine with
"There aren't enough workers, and everyone is fighting for everybody else's workers," says one vineyard owner.
Owners Sushil Prakash and Josephine Kiran opened up a mini-library in their store full of books donated by their son and
New England may be the epicenter of fall travel, but California can also get very colorful.
Despite the grisly nature of these and other shark attacks, the video from Today explains, "experts say beach goers are more
The pictures below highlight some of the natural wonders of the Tejon Ranch. Captions courtesy of Natural Resources Defense
Text courtesy of Trazzler.com. By Megan Cytron The movie Sideways put the Santa Ynez Valley on the map--and not just for