Central European University

"It is a dark day for Europe and a dark day for Hungary,” said CEU President and Rector Michael Ignatieff in a statement.
Viktor Orbán has pushed a Soros-backed university out of the country, the latest sign that Hungary’s democracy truly is failing.
Central European University announced it's being forced to move by Viktor Orban's far-right government.
Attempting to shut down speakers is a sign of weakness not strength.
Co-authored with Dóra Papp Earlier this month every Hungarian household received a white envelope containing a questionnaire
Critics say Hungarian legislation appears aimed at dismantling foreign-based schools like Central European University.
Diane Stone, University of Canberra Ignoring protest from around the world, the Hungarian government has fast-tracked legislation
Later, I was in Brussels for Hungarian representation. When I returned, I was placed in the much larger field of international
Ever since Bush launched a crusade to democratize parts of the world by force, sometimes with sanctions and sometimes guns, I have struggled with the question of how to get "tranformational diplomacy" right.