For the time being, The New York Times writer has taken refuge under a blanket of No Labels press releases.
The move away from conventional politics doesn't represent a shift by the electorate towards political extremism, rather a growing frustration at the ruling political class. As Trump said recently, people are tired of "incompetent politicians." The political class may scoff, but it's Trump leading the polls.
We have become a profoundly unequal society. Unless we can build momentum for a new political agenda, we'll be divided into a small minority with fabulous wealth and a permanent underclass with few hopes or prospects. Unfortunately, our mainstream political dialogue shows no sign of adapting to these realities.
Ever pragmatists, this generation has been willing to consider any approach -- public, private, for-profit -- if it might dramatically improve the life outcomes of poor and minority children.
The notion of "the center" has grown to be ridiculous. Today, while the Democratic Party has a liberal and a not-so-liberal wing, the Republicans have only hard-line and almost-as-hard-line conservatives.
What we ought to do is scrap this system and replace it with one consisting of four major parties. Even this will not cover all Americans, but it will certainly encompass more of us and within a more rational framework. For what might these four major parties stand?
D.C. Centrism embraces what the political establishment, especially including the big special interests who tend to control this town, thinks is right, even when the vast majority of Americans are opposed to it.
We are told that Obama's budget will trade "modest entitlement savings" for immediate tax hikes on the corporate rich. If that is so, the trade that will be proposed tomorrow will reflect poor judgment -- poor moral judgment, poor economic judgment and poor political judgment.
The only way forward, the only way out of this morass is to drive madly, insanely, way past the red line on the tachometer, right down the middle of highway. It's the only way forward on guns. It's the only way forward on the fiscal cliff nonsense. It's the only way forward, period.
It is time to resume discussion about the possibility of a political realignment that would make Democrats the leading national political party for a generation.