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A Wells Fargo employee took a markedly different approach: He emailed the CEO -- along with 200,000 co-workers -- asking
In an interview about the panel with Quartz, Dillon clarified that his comments were "mostly in reference" to how Kroger's
A new report by the Economic Policy Institute shows that CEO compensation at the largest corporations has ballooned by 937
The fast-food industry must take responsibility for the risks that its unbalanced approach to human capital management have created for shareowners, workers, communities and the economy as a whole.
From the Pope to billionaires, people are beginning to reject today's popular CEO compensation formula as unjust. There is no reason other than greed to explain how one human's contribution can be worth more than the contribution of 1,000.
More than 50 percent of front-line fast-food workers rely on some form of government assistance, according to an October
"When the gap between the CEO and the mid-ranking employee is very steep, it can have a negative impact on employee morale
Robb and his co-CEO, John Mackey, have turned manageable CEO pay into somewhat of a cause celebre. The two have spoken out
The ratio of CEO-to-worker pay has increased 1,000 percent since 1950, according to data from Bloomberg. Today Fortune 500 CEOs make 204 times regular workers on average, Bloomberg found. The ratio is up from 120-to-1 in 2000, 42-to-1 in 1980 and 20-to-1 in 1950.
(Click over to Bloomberg to read more about the CEO-to-worker pay ratio) We’ve made progress on a lot of things since the