cerebral palsy

On the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, "disabled people are still holding their breath."
As scared as I was that my disabled body wasn’t hot enough or on par with the other gay porn performers I’d seen ... I knew that I had to do this.
“I still thank her every day because, honestly, in that matter, two seconds makes a huge difference,” the girl’s mom told reporters.
As a gay man with cerebral palsy, Ryan Haddad is tackling misconceptions about people with disabilities.
This gay man has cerebral palsy and is fighting for visibility within the LGBTQ community.
It's shameful, but not unexpected.
Cerebral palsy occasionally drags me into a hole I don't want to be in, but I've come to see beauty in my wheelchair.
“Children aren’t merchandise. You can’t return them.”
"When non-disabled people read that stuff, it helps them see sex and disability as more than just two people in chairs getting it on."
The program is a crucial lifeline for Justin Martin, who is a college junior with cerebral palsy.