"We are not pursuing the Asteroid Redirect Mission with this budget proposal."
In the last 18 months, two crucial international agreements have sketched out the framework for a global economy that is
Electric utilities tend to take a lot of heat for clouding public understanding of climate change and standing in the way of energy resources that won't cook the planet.
Annual general meetings at the world's largest fossil fuel companies are usually a time for reflecting on strategies to increase
Other regulators are stepping up while the SEC ignores climate change.
As increasingly more companies realize the critical role the can and must play in the effort to create a sustainable water future, I believe that we will make great strides.
The Clean Power Plan enjoys overwhelming public support, with close to three-quarters of all Americans supporting climate action and climate policies like the plan.
3. When shareholders speak, corporations listen. Investors are demanding clean energy use. According to Ceres' Power Forward
Paris has built upon emerging shifts towards a cleaner, greener and far smarter development path for the 21st century. It has sent a clear, unequivocal and determined low carbon signal to markets and economic sectors everywhere: The course is irreversible, but the pace and breadth must now be the focus.
A top advisor to big investors says the U.S. needs to tax carbon emissions.
NASA also released stunning new flyover images of the dwarf planet.