Hopefully this will make it easier for parents to get their kids the shots they need.
Experts say it "got off on the wrong foot" with the public.
Wheeler hopes that people in the U.S. don’t start taking the results of her trial as a justification for only showing up
Finally, the logistical barrier of having to return twice for the full series of shots could also be preventing parents from
Since vaccination with FDA-approved HPV vaccines can reduce HPV infections and reduce the likelihood of ever getting cervical cancer, it is important to know if people and their physicians are using the vaccines.
I know there is a segment of the population that has expressed intense concern over vaccines in general and that this is an emotional issue for some. But based on the science, my personal view is that the benefits of the HPV vaccine far outweigh its risks.
Strong, active men like Jeff won't think to seek medical help when they feel a lump in their throat or have difficulty swallowing. Public education will hopefully change that.
Virtually all cases are linked to genital infection with HPV, the most common viral infection of the reproductive tract. Using
"Further studies are needed to confirm our findings in other populations as well as to quantify the duration of protection
I wanted to share the story of a group of individuals who have taken a great tragedy and turned it into something positive.