CES 2015

Even your mom can get behind this advancement.
Apple Watch, Apple Watch, Apple Watch. Everyone's talking about the Apple Watch. And I'm just tuning out.
I agree that to truly activate change, we must inspire the next generation and we must inspire each other.
To me, the "really cool things" are not those that are whiz-bang -- rather, it's something that takes something you need to use every day but improves it in such a clever way that it makes your life easier.
Measuring sleep is a bit ephemeral. There are two certainties. First is that you can get widely differing analysis of your sleep from different devices. And second, while they're getting better at measuring your sleep, they're pretty clueless about prescribing a remedy for the sleepless.
We all know the feeling of sneaking over to the baby rocker and starting it up again or changing the speed, desperately trying not to wake the baby so you can enjoy just a few more moments of peace and quiet. mamaRoo has you covered with their new connected baby rocker.