Cesar Sayoc

The Florida man mailed bombs to Trump's critics and the media last year.
"A rational observer may have brushed off Trump’s tweets as hyperbole, but Mr. Sayoc took them to heart," his attorneys wrote.
"In October 2018, I made devices that were designed to look like pipe bombs and sent them in the mail," the Florida man said in court.
“I beg President Trump and others to refrain from talk of War with fellow Americans," wrote Cesar Sayoc's mother.
Package intercepted four days after president called the billionaire Democratic activist a "crazed and stumbling lunatic."
Like President Donald Trump, Fox News frequently offers up incendiary and sometimes false attacks on Democrats and other liberal figures.
The Facebook threats included photos of the Democratic Senate candidate's family.
Kathy Griffin criticized Twitter for allowing the suspected pipe bomber to stay on its platform.
It used to be all fun and games, this Florida Man stuff.