Cesarean section

I chose to give birth in Thailand because, given my circumstances, it was the safest option.
"I loved my birth experience. Nothing was stolen from me."
Is it a matter of sticking to tradition, or do those against elective C-sections really have an argument worth listening to?
As a mom of two little humans, a fertility nurse, and writer for clinical content and patient education, you'd think I would've done this ages ago. I've tried to write it tons of times but can never seem to get it done. Every time it doesn't feel like something I should share. It never started with a glowing pregnancy, and it wasn't real pretty -- all the way through -- BOTH times. No glow zone, ladies.
I ended 2014 at the hospital having my third child, on Dec. 31, via Cesarean section. I had never had surgery before and wasn't nervous until they wheeled me to the operating room. It was so sterile and felt a LOT different than my two previous, natural births.
These stunning photos capture the many emotions and faces of Cesarean delivery.
"Our only option right now is a C-section." As I lay there in the hospital bed, this news hit me like a mad flurry of fists to the top of my skull.
Do not be afraid to take the time to mourn the loss of the experience you anticipated. But in doing so, remember to celebrate the opportunity you still have in front of you to form memories of all of the moments you'll have beyond.
Things got off to a slower-than-usual start one hot morning in June, at the Alyans Sante Borgne (ASB) Women's Health mobile clinic in Tibouk, a tiny riverside market town in northernmost Haiti.
Dilworth also hopes other mothers who have had C-sections can see the images and get an idea of how their baby was born so