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"Time will tell" what impact these lawsuits have on borrowers, says Betsy Mayotte, director of consumer outreach and compliance
Investors are fleeing Navient Corp. as traders increasingly bet that the company will default on its debt.
Borrowers will be able to sidestep reviled loan contractors such as Navient Corporation.
Firms the government said it would fire may still be deceiving student loan borrowers, advocates say.
For example, in home mortgages, servicers have to consider​ loan modifications before seizing a delinquent borrower’s home
“While the long-term opportunities of Department of Education loan collections contract remain unresolved, we'll continue
After the Education Department announced it was ending contracts with five of the debt collectors -- Coast Professional, Enterprise
The CFPB report also comes after the Education Department last month cut ties with five of its nearly two dozen debt collectors
A top Treasury Department official on Tuesday challenged the Department of Education and its contractors over how they handle
In December, the CFPB added to its investigation of Sallie Mae over how it allocates payments by demanding additional documents
The CFPB is concerned that the problems plaguing student loan servicing resemble the breakdowns that occurred in mortgage
The National Consumer Law Center's Loonin has said that similar problems plague federal student loans. Rohit Chopra, CFPB
If borrowers with student debt were able to refinance their loans, the resulting savings likely would be used on activity
The CFPB has received more than 4,300 complaints about problems with private student loans since March 2012. An additional
A recent survey of the armed forces found that 41 percent of servicemembers said they are paying off education-related loans
The policy options, culled from more than 28,000 comments on a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consultation regarding