"Everybody that I know is appalled by this."
President Donald Trump has added North Korea to his travel ban, despite the fact that citizens from the country are already forbidden from traveling outside the country.
The new countries it includes are just a way to cover up the fact that the ban still primarily targets Muslims, experts said.
This year we watched Aleppo, Mosul and the refugee crisis unfold, but there are many other conflict stories that went untold.
As supplies dwindle and malnutrition rates among young children rise, the World Food Programme and other aid agencies are
Reed Brody of Human Rights Watch has worked with Hissène Habré's victims since 1999. I was in court in Dakar last October
I asked friends that I met through working on this cause to reflect back on 13 years of Darfur. Below are answers from fellow activists in the U.S., refugee friends in camps in Chad, and Darfuris living in that remote, mostly forgotten land.
How a group of ex-prisoners and female lawyers brought a former U.S.-backed tyrant to justice.
Finding dictator Hissène Habré guilty is a win for all oppressed peoples.
January and February set new Arctic heat records; Alaska has been warmer than ever recorded this year; April was a record
Constant attention to the plight of Syrians, Iraqis and others has also made it easy to overlook the often more threatening circumstances of roughly 40 million people internally displaced in their own countries--most of which are not in the Levant.
Destroying the financial roots of terrorism must be a priority for whoever wins the US election in November.
Leaders of the world are coming together in London this week for all the right reasons: As the violence continues unabated, stoking more turmoil in an already restive region, standing by the Syrians is unquestionably our collective duty.
Morocco has earned a particular expression of gratitude lately because of what its government has accomplished just this year alone in our joint battle against radical Islam.