Chad Campbell

Barton did not immediately respond to an email request for comment from HuffPost and she did not respond to the Capitol Times
Rep. Brenda Barton is an embarrassment. Disgraceful doesn't begin to describe her statements comparing our President to Hitler
A Republican state legislator in Arizona is continuing to press her case that President Barack Obama can be compared to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
Kansas and Arizona are suing the U.S. Election Assistance Commission after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling said Arizona could
Barton explained that stories of federally owned roads and boat ramps closing, along with a possible eviction from a house
Doug Bonney, the legal director for the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri, told The Huffington Post that Kobach and Bennett's
State Rep. Bob Thorpe (R-Flagstaff) issued the apology Thursday following tweets he made this week on a series of crime- and
"It would be helpful if she would veto this," he said. Besides Arizona, other states have considered resolutions opposing
Duval spokesman Rodd McLeod declined to comment on his boss' reaction to Carmona's decision. Duval has been making moves
Grand Canyon State Democrats are claiming the decision -- which struck down several portions of the law but kept the immigration
HuffPost's Lucia Graves reports on the concerns from opponents of the bill, which is sponsored by pro-birther Tea Party Rep
Bank Lees said she contacted Proud's Phoenix office to confirm the email and said a woman named Sue told her that Proud had
Proud's original email was published Monday afternoon on a political blog on the Arizona Republic's website and called for
An aide in Proud's Phoenix office told The Huffington Post that Proud was performing legislative duties and unavailable for
Campbell, who said he objects to people carrying guns next to playgrounds, questioned the logic of the bill. Proponents said
Christine Thompson, lobbyist for the Arizona Board of Regents, said that figure was an anomaly. Thompson said last year that
Friend was specifically referring to public safety unions, which have shown support for Arizona Republicans in the past. Friend
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's plan to buy back the state capitol complex that she sold in 2009 has been met with swift opposition
At the same time, he said that if Brewer wanted to attempt to delay final passage of new maps for congressional and legislative
"It would be the height of irony for Russell Pearce, the champion of small government to come back to the legislature to